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مشکل نصب آپدیت KB2982006 بر روی Windows Server 2012 R2 در زمان راه اندازی Microsoft Skype for Business

یکی ار دردسر هایی که در زمان نصب سرور Skype For Business وجود ارد ، نصب وصله KB2982006 است. از آنجا که استفاده از ماژول Windows Update یا نصب فایل Stand alone کمکی به عبور از این مرحله نخواهد کرد، تنها روش کارآمد و عملی استفاده از مراحل زیر خواهد بود:

However, in a recent deployment with all the Windows Updates installed, including the KB2919442 and KB2919355,  we couldn’t install the KB2982006:

We also got the same error in the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Setup:

Log Name: Setup
Source: Microsoft-Windows-WUSA
Date: 04/09/2017 18:48:44
Event ID: 3
Task Category: None
Level: Error
User: RECORE\Administrator
Computer: sfbstd.recore.lab
Windows update could not be installed because of error 2149842967 “” (Command line: “”C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe” “C:\UCLobby\Windows8.1-KB2982006-x64.msu” “)

The good news is we can use the DISM tool to manually add the KB2982006.

Before using DISM we need to make sure that KB2919442 and KB2919355 are already installed:

Get-Hotfix KB2919442,KB2919355,KB2982006

Please note that we cannot use a .msu file if we use the Online switch with DISM:

dism /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\UCLobby\Windows8.1-KB2982006-x64.msu

We have to expand the .msu file first using the steps described here:

How to use DISM to install a hotfix from within Windows

An easy way is to create a folder and copy the Windows8.1-KB2982006-x64.msu file and also create a KB2982006 sub-folder:

Then we expand the .msu with the following cmdlet:

Expand -F:* C:\UCLobby\Windows8.1-KB2982006-x64.msu C:\UCLobby\KB2982006

Since we have a .cab file we can proceed and manually add the KB2982006 with DISM:

dism /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\UCLobby\KB2982006\Windows8.1-KB2982006-x64.cab

With Get-Hotfix we confirm that KB2919442KB2919355 and KB2982006 are installed:

Get-Hotfix KB2919442,KB2919355,KB2982006

Finally, we run Step 2 and confirm that the check for KB2982006 is successful:

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